What is technology ?

What is technology ?
Author:Eshita Dey

When you think about the word 'innovation', what rings a bell? It may seem like something from a science fiction show, or something that needs to run on power. Innovation makes us think about the extremely complicated, however energy doesn't need to be perplexing. Innovation is the utilization of logical information for commonsense purposes or applications, regardless of whether in industry or in our day to day existences. Thus, fundamentally, at whatever point we use our logical information to accomplish some particular design, we're utilizing innovation. Indeed, there is something else to it besides that. Innovation generally includes a particular piece of gear, however that hardware can be amazingly straightforward or brilliantly mind boggling. It tends to be anything from the revelation of the wheel, as far as possible up to PCs and MP3 players.

5 common types of technology

Here are five different categories of technology with examples for each:


Many bits of current innovation use power in some structure. A couple of instances of electrical innovation include:

A. Computers

PCs work through a fast beating of electrical flows. Their center reinforcement of PCs is paired code, which decides if there is an electrical flow. Contingent upon the request in which the gadget gets these flows, a PC fills various roles. Individuals use PCs to get to the web and print actual duplicates of advanced substance among different capacities.

B. Hardware

An assortment of electrical parts that fill a specific role is a circuit. An illustration of an electrical circuit is a PC processor, which is a little part that makes an interpretation of electrical signs into PC code. Electrical circuits exist in numerous cutting edge things, for example, PCs, controllers, mobile phones, machines and then some.

C. Artificial intelligence(AI)

Artificial intelligence is a PC framework intended to decide and perform activities independently. There are changing levels of man-made consciousness complexity in a considerable lot of our every day undertakings. For instance, online route applications utilize computerized reasoning to dissect the best course for a voyager in light of traffic, street terminations and that's just the beginning. Another model is web indexes, which utilize man-made reasoning to decide the best outcomes to show for every extraordinary client.

D. Software

Software incorporates the projects a PC uses to work appropriately. Most programming plans to give amusement to clients or make assignments more productive. For instance, word handling programming makes it more straightforward to make and alter records when contrasted with more seasoned types of innovation like a typewriter.

E. Sound and visual innovation

Sound and visual innovation comprises of things like cameras, receivers and projectors. Their motivation is to catch and show sound and visual mediums to clients. Sound and visual innovation regularly joins with different types of innovation, like cellphones, to give camera usefulness, for instance.


Correspondence innovation comprises of any bits of innovation individuals use to speak with each other. A few early instances of correspondence innovation incorporate Morse code and the message. The following are a few instances of more present day correspondence innovations:


TVs communicate signals over which we can pay attention to and view sound and visual substance. Individuals use TV to impart significant messages, ads, diversion and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Most TVs get signals from a link wire or over the web, which transfers flags that immediate a TV on what content to show.

B. Internet

Many individuals believe the internet to be the most famous and strong correspondence innovation. It permits individuals from around the world to communicate through composed messages, just as sound and video messages. With the web, clients can discuss immediately with any other person and offer data. This makes it an incredible asset for organizations, noble cause, state run administrations and people among numerous others.

C. Phones

Phones are an advanced improvement via phone. With a PDA, individuals can call different telephones and have a discussion with individuals across the world. A large number are likewise fit for associating with the web, which permits clients to convey in alternate ways, for example, instant messages or video talks.


Energy innovation expects to help produce, store and communicate energy for an assortment of purposes. Normal instances of energy innovation include:

A. Wind turbines

Wind turbines use propellers to produce wind energy. They are ordinarily tall support points situated in open fields or inside the sea where winds are most grounded and create the most energy. As propellers turn, they produce energy, which the turbine then, at that point, stores in a battery or sends straightforwardly to an ideal source.

B. Batteries

Batteries store energy for later utilization, and individuals utilize these to drive different types of innovation like a TV remote. They range in size-from little batteries in things, for example, watches to bigger batteries for use inside vehicles or huge sun powered charger establishments. There have been incredible upgrades in battery innovation as of late, with batteries presently being able to store more energy for longer timeframes.

C. Solar panels

Solar panels use energy from the sun's beams to create power. Individuals utilize these boards to control things, for example, structures, homes, open air lighting frameworks, water warming frameworks and that's just the beginning. Sun powered chargers are a type of sustainable power, which is turning into a more well known type of energy age because of its absence of fossil fuel byproducts.


Clinical innovation further develops individuals' personal satisfaction in various ways. A few models include:

A. Diagnostics

Indicative innovation assists clinical experts with achieving more data about a patient. Instances of analytic innovation incorporate thermometers, MRIs, X-beam machines, electrocardiographs and stethoscopes. With these instruments, clinical experts can settle on better treatment choices and investigate portions of the human body that would be difficult to break down in any case.

B. Drug

The turn of events and improvement of medication brings about better drug innovation. Utilizing various advancements, for example, nanotechnology, microenvironments and counterfeit organs, scientists find out about what various substances mean for people. They can then foster distinctive physician endorsed drugs, fully intent on relieving or essentially diminishing cases of unsafe sickness.

C. Surgical

Surgical innovation permits specialists to perform complex tasks. A few ongoing models incorporate shrewd careful glasses that show fundamental data straightforwardly inside a specialist's glasses and far off advanced mechanics, which permit specialists to work from a distance with expanded accuracy. Careful innovation aids each kind of medical procedure from fundamental systems, for example, appendectomies to more complicated sorts like spinal or cerebrum medical procedure.

D. Monitoring

To screen the wellbeing and status of a patient, medical care experts progressively depend on innovation. A typical model is smartwatches, which can screen biometric information, for example, pulses and nature of rest. Other observing innovation incorporates gadgets embedded straightforwardly into a patient that give significantly further developed checking abilities to medical services experts.


It's a lot simpler to go than it used to be because of upgrades in innovation. Instances of transportation innovation include:


GPS, or a Global Positioning System, is a piece of innovation that can pinpoint areas on earth from satellites in earth's circle. Utilizing this innovation, we can now get ongoing headings, screen the travel of various items or record exact time estimations. GPS is a component in numerous gadgets, for example, smartwatches and bigger global positioning frameworks utilized by organizations and legislatures.

B. Flight

Flight innovation has become more secure and more productive over the long haul. We use flight innovation in various ways-from the development of planes to route hardware on an airplane. Upgrades in flight innovation are significantly more obvious in space flight, which happens reasonably routinely.

C. Vehicles

Like flight innovation, vehicles are currently quicker and more secure. What's more, they are more eco-friendly and agreeable and frequently give diversion choices, too. Vehicle innovation has further developed the manner in which motors run, the wellbeing highlights inside vehicles, for example, airbags, and the amusement choices accessible in a vehicle.